Trust & Safety

Every home and every experience on RentAll is unique

Here are a few ways you can help make sure your trip goes as smoothly as possible

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    Search & book with confidence:
    Get exactly what you’re looking for by taking advantage of our many search filters, like price, home type, and amenities. Found a listing you like? Be sure to read the host’s profile and listing or experience description thoroughly—paying special attention to the amenities, house rules or trip requirements, and the cancellation policy.
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    Read the ratings & reviews:
    Look through feedback from past guests to help find the right fit for you. You’ll see ratings on several quality dimensions, like cleanliness and accuracy, and detailed reviews with authentic feedback about the experience. Guests can only leave a review after they’ve stayed with that specific host, so you know the feedback you’re seeing is based on actual experiences.
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    Get your questions answered:
    Our secure messaging tool is a safe and easy way for you to ask a potential host any questions you have about their home or experience before you book. After booking, you can also message your host to coordinate check-in and stay in touch throughout your trip.
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    Always communicate & pay on RentAll:
    Keep yourself, your payment, and your personal information protected by staying on our secure platform throughout the entire process—from communication, to booking and payment. You should never be asked to wire money, provide credit card information or otherwise pay a host directly.
    If you are, please report it to us immediately.
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    Do a safety check:
    Once you’ve arrived at your home or experience, make sure you know where all relevant emergency equipment and safety information is located. If you’re not sure where something like the first aid kit or fire extinguisher is, don’t hesitate to ask your host. It’s always better to be prepared.
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    Research local travel alerts & warnings:
    Whether you’re traveling with RentAll or not, it’s always a good idea to research your destination ahead of time, and check with your local embassy in case there are any travel warnings or special requirements. For example, travelers from the United States should check with the State Department for visa information and travel warnings.
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    We’re here for you 24/7.

    If you arrive at a home or experience and something’s not quite right, reach out to us. We’re standing by 24/7 to help with things like rebooking assistance and refunds or reimbursements.